Some home remedies and treatments to prevent hair loss

Hair loss can occur due to many potential causes including bad diet, medications, mineral deficiency, stress or illness. Pollution and genetic problem can also cause hair fall problems.

According to a survey, one third of the people suffer from hair loss problems and from that third thousands are women.

A genetically programmed hair fall problem may not be stopped from remedies and medicines or hair loss due to those factors that are not in your control but you can still do many prevention and use remedies to increase your hair thickness and stop hair fall and hair disease.  Some of them are following:

Dr. CYJ hair filler:

Hair fillers are very often used by hair experts and are recommended by doctors as well as physicians to people who complain about hair fall problems.

There are also many shampoos available that provide the required proteins to your scalp and hairs to improve your hairs’ health and strengthening your hair roots.

One of the most popular hair fillers is from DR. CYJ which is clinically tested and approved. It showed good results and have been used by clinics and cosmetic professionals for improving hair thickness.

Dr. CYJ also has a shampoo that also gives the same benefits. However their hair filler is very useful for getting instant results. Visit this store to buy cyj hair filler.

Starting using hair dryers less often:

Heat can weak hair proteins and constant heating to hair and drying can lead to brittleness and fragility. Such hair fall problem cannot be occurred otherwise.

You should allow your hair to naturally get dry as it is the best practice for this purpose.

Useful Link:


Eggs contains a lot of proteins, you can make a paste or cream of egg, and then apply them onto your hairs to help your hairs to get natural hair look by earning the lost proteins from egg yolks and egg whites.

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