How dermal fillers work and why should you use them?

Hello, this seems to be the first article on the blog and we are going to discuss about dermal fillers today.

I recently went to a clinic and monitored the treatment to see how the patients get results and how beneficial it can be.

I saw some immediate results for the patients and it looked that the results are almost instant.

I talked to Dr. David about how these dermal fillers work and why they have so much immediate results, he explained all the process to me descriptively.

I am also taking reference from the link given below to write this article:

First of all I asked him that why dermal fillers tend to have such immediate results, the answer was the HA gel.

The HA gel gets to most deepest surface of the fibers and make them intact which makes the patient’s skin look more younger and fresh.

During the treatment Dr. David also used lidocaine which has a big concern for me because many people might have allergy from such anesthetics.

Dr. David informed me that they always make their patients aware about lidocaine and ensure that they do not have any type of skin problems that might cause any problem post-treatment.

However, using lidocaine is necessary for them to make sure that the patient does not feel enough pain during the treatment.

He also informed that dermal fillers only contain non-animal HA which is very effective for increasing the volume of the skin immediately.

I also asked him about his first choice when it comes to choosing dermal fillers. He took 5 names which are given below:

  • Juvederm
  • Restylane
  • Teosyal
  • Princess Filler
  • Vivacy stylage

He also informed me that these fillers can only be purchased through a doctor’s prescription otherwise the supplier should not supply them to the consumer.

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